i9 Education is a wholly Australian-owned family business; its origins can be traced back to Melbourne in 2005 when founders Ahsan and Ayesha noticed a gap in the market for wholesome and responsive education solution for Children and Adults alike.

i9 Education is the organisation behind some of the leading companies servicing the early childhood and adult education industries. i9 Education is fundamentally engrossed in the education and care sector by constantly researching proven and tested modern learning techniques and methods.

i9 Education’s unique approach to education, coupled with our strong and diversified customer network, underpin our position as a market leading supplier of education.

i9 Education was founded to fill a void felt by the founding members, being parents themselves and other parents seeking a facility where the nurturing environment provided for their children is loving, educative and adherent towards each child’s personal requirements to ensure they grow up as free thinking, conscious individuals who make positive contribution towards our society.

Our commitment extends towards our adult education sector as its values resonates with our philosophy of striving to provide an enriching educational experience unlike anything that’s currently unavailable in the market. Primarily targeting niche areas in childcare education and specialised professional fields.
i9 Education has facilities throughout Victoria and are expanding at a rapid rate due to our unique and wholesome approach to education and care.