Journey of i9 Education

i9 Education, more widely recognised by its sub-brands (EduNex, The Hive, Community Kids Haven, The Fern) has emerged as a paramount industry leader in the early childhood care and education market.

2005 – Idea Conception

The idea to provide the community with a childcare centre where the environment resonates with what a child experiences at home. This idea was born out of a necessity after finding a lack of an ethical and caring childcare learning centre in Melbourne.

2008 – Year of Groundwork

After many failed attempts in locating an early learning centre where the staff would reciprocate the love and attention felt at home in their day care environment. The owners of i9 Education, being full time working parents, it became a constant burden to find new early childhood learning centres and having to relocate their children multiple times. The lack of a proper enriching and educational curriculum at the past centres became apparent of the gap in the market. It was at this point in time, the owners became very active in locating centres to buy or start researching buying a location to bring their vision to life.

2010 – Break Through – Melton South

A childcare centre in Melton South, running at low occupancy, experiencing financial losses and had developed a bad reputation in the area was deserted by its director overnight. Al-Ishraaq (i9 Education) was given an opportunity to work on the arduous task to recuperate it. The major breakthrough was achieved when the i9 Education were able to turn it around and increase its occupancy to more than 90% in just under two years.

2011 – Kingsville

Kingsville was an old ABC site, deserted and shut off. i9 Education took on the challenge and turned the whole place around in record time and turned it in to a successful business model.

2012 – Greensborough

Greensborough was another old ABC centre, abandoned in wake of their bankruptcy mayhem. It was taken over by our establishment and remodelled and set up for business once again. An overwhelming response by the local community saw it running at full occupancy in a very short time period.

2013 – Hillside

Hillside was another struggling venture operated by a banker with no experience in childcare. Our company was given the offer to relieve it of its current management. i9 education’s highly professional team took over, turned the early learning centre into a profitable business, serving the parents with a sweet haven for the children to enjoy whilst serving its current customers.

2014 – Carrum Downs

Carrum Downs was another challenge, seeing it through determinedly, ensured i9 education garnered respect as both a seasoned and visionary childcare learning centre brand. The old ELC was not only abandoned but the building was also brutally vandalised. It resumed public operation under our command in under a year, running at occupancy levels greater than ninety percent.

2015 – Knoxfield brand new centre opened

To serve the families of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Knoxfield was opened to allow parents to be at complete peace and focus at their work, knowing their loved ones are being taken care of in an environment surpassing the attention even provided at home.

2016 – Geelong Ex Heritage Overlayed – Award: The Hive

In line with our morals and ethics we decided instead of demolishing an ex-heritage site in Geelong, to renovate it to incorporate all the necessities of a modern childcare centre whilst keeping true to its original roots, architecture and legacy. The centre was awarded the best Hive ELC in the latter part of the decade.

2017 – Rebranding & Restructuring of existing brands.

Original branding was very colourful and juvenile inspired. However, brand strategist incorporated more trust, simplicity and contemporary approach in rebranding.

2018 – Torquay location opened for operations.

Beautifully designed and purpose built centre left community in shock and heart broken when previous operator decided to shut their operations abruptly. We came in and held the falling flag and started regaining confidence of the community by offering quality service at a cost effective fee.

2019 – Fairfield and Sunshine

Fairfield and Sunshine locations opened with the same amount of professional care and kindness for the eager young minds.

2020+ – The Fern

A few projects to name that are in the pipeline, include opening of more than five new centres in Ashburton, Keilor Park, Redan, Rowville and Hampton Park.

Al-Ishraaq Pty Ltd was incorporated in May 2010 with Mr. Ahsan M Zafar as its sole director with the vision to establish a series of childcare centres where the children attending would have the best chance of reaching their full potential through our dedicated guided efforts in caring for the children to enable them to become a positive and productive part of community in the future.

Al-Ishraaq Pty Ltd acquired its first centre, Dickory Dock Kids Child Care Centre in Sept. 2010 in Melton South and turned the struggling centre with less than 50% occupancy to a childcare centre with almost 90% occupancy in under a year. From there on, a number of closed or centres seriously lacking in performances were acquired and turned around into highly profitable and sustainable development projects spread all across Melbourne. Al-Ishraaq evolved into i9 education over the decade and today our wide range of centres operate all across Melbourne offering a place of nurturing and growth for the young kids in a safe and educative environment that the children and their parents have come to love and adore.