i9 Education is a physical embodiment of a dream, a vision of providing a childcare facility where the nurturing environment from the child’s home is carried over into their early learning education experience. It is then perfected in care by constructing the childcare ideology that is embedded in all our employees which live and breathe a nurturing and customised learning environment. We enable the young eager minds attending our childcares centres to broaden their horizons exponentially, unlocking their hidden talents to have the best chance of reaching their full potential. In view of our vision, we have dedicated all our efforts and our industry leading staff ensures our vision is translated in providing the best possible early childhood education to help the kids be a positive and productive part of the community in future.

Much like our early childhood centres the idea for an adult learning environment was developed for teaching professional courses which embodies the same nurturing environment. EduNex is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) based in Caroline Springs, where we are Serious About Your Dreams and provide an unmatched learning experience with our highly trained staff that are not only industry qualified, but industry tested as well; with decades of experience under their belt.

We deliver our courses using a blended mode of delivery comprising of trainer led face-to-face teaching in a classroom setting, combined with hands-on skills training, self-paced study and workplace visits.

I9 Education was founded under the leadership of CEO, Mr. Ahsan M Zafar, founding director of Al-Ishraaq, masterfully leading it for two decades before incorporating i9 Education. At i9, he has refined the vision and redefined the standard of a quality built childcare centre in Australia with his centres leading the market across Melbourne. As a family run business, he understands the value and the huge role a childcare centre plays in defining the formative years of a person’s life. The occupancy results of the childcare centres only reaffirm his successes in the business world, with all the centres running at over a ninety percent occupancy with new centres opening more rapidly than ever.