The Hive

The Hive is an emerging new brand under the i9 management portfolio, providing exceptional Early Learning and Childcare Centres across Melbourne and Geelong.

The Hive centres integrate highly researched methods of childhood learning and best care practices within its day to day practice.

Influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach to childhood learning and the Early Years Learning Framework, the philosophy and the curriculum are based on the needs of the child, where the child is the driver of their own learning.

The centres are designed to inspire wonder and curiosity in the hearts and minds of young children. Staffed by a team of highly passionate and experienced educators they provide a bright and inspiring space that caters to all the interests and needs and levels of development.

Our professional team is made up of a diverse mix of carers who bring a whole range of languages and experiences and multitude of backgrounds to the centres creating a space for the lifelong love of learning within our children.

The centres offer nutritious and seasonal fresh food prepared by qualified cooks to give the nutrients that their growing bodies and minds need.

Our unique curriculum prepares children for successful lifelong learning and our specially designed indoor and outdoor environments have been created to promote learning, curiosity and adventure, as well as provide the space for self-discovery, quiet time and rest.

The Hive difference come through:

  • Its specially designed programs developed for group and individual learning outcomes by highly qualified and professional educators
  • Its emphasis on the environment, where the environment is recognised for its potential to inspire children, and they learn best within a setting filled with natural light, materials, order, beauty and open spaces free of clutter
  • Its understanding that the adults are the mentors and the guides to the child’s learning
  • Where a child’s own distinct way of thinking and learning are valued and nurtured and carefully documented.